Pega End-to-End Application Development

Application Development

Build your application

You can use Pega Express to build applications quickly. Pega Express exposes key elements and features of the Pega 7 Platform in an accelerated environment. Pega Express showcases stage-based case management, the ability to edit your designs as you build and run your application, and tools to preview your user interface on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Enhance your application

You can enhance your application to provide more automation, and simplify manual and complex operations within processes and cases. In addition, you can configure your application to meet security requirements, create a Pega mobile app that helps mobile users be as efficient in the field as they are in the office, and analyze historical and real-time data to predict and respond more effectively to the needs of your customers.

Upgrade your existing system

You can upgrade your existing systems to take advantage of the benefits and key features of the latest version of the Pega Platform. Learn about managing and applying changes to your existing systems, and upgrading your applications to leverage improved features.

Test your application

In a continuous development cycle, automated testing helps to ensure changes introduced into an application do not have unanticipated results. With Pega Platform’s built-in Automated Unit Testing, you can create and run test cases within the application itself. Test cases can include input values and expected results, and are preserved with the application for future use.

Manage reuse and versioning

Pega supports reuse and sharing of rules through a range of features that affect rule resolution. Rule resolution chooses what version of a rule to use in a given circumstance. Rule resolution lets changes to rules affect all appropriate parts of the application at the same time. Rule reuse helps to reduce the number of rules you must build, test, and maintain.

Tune system performance

System performance has a direct impact on user productivity and business value. The accuracy and satisfaction of interactive users is affected by their perceptions of system performance and response time. In addition, some applications have deadlines or cutoffs with direct business impacts, and must have sufficient capacity and performance to handle peak arrivals of new work.