Pega Cosmos Design System

UI/UX Expertise @DV-CG

DV-CG motto is to deliver clean and responsive user interface design in a simple yet elegant format.

  • DV-CG offers specialized services in User Experience Design, Implement UI-UX Best Practices for your enterprise applications. We have a pool of Certified UI Specialists with experience in enterprise scale of applications.
  • The user interface for an application can take into account the environment, the domain knowledge of your users, and the skills, locale, and language of a user. The appearance, branding, and interaction dynamics of your user interface can match the context and language that is natural to your application’s users. @DV-CG we have vast experience in 360 degrees view of the UI needs for your enterprise needs.

Pega UI/UX

UI Kit
Pega’s UI Kit is the realization of the Pega Cosmos design system. It is an OOTB UI layer which provides reusable desktop UI functionality and styling, and showcases Pega’s newest UI capabilities.

Creating responsive mashups using Pega Web Mashup

Pega Web Mashup, known as the Internet Application Composer (IAC), allows you to mashup Pega Platform content within another application’s web page, providing enhanced functionality and collaboration without requiring server-side integration. This content includes small informational elements to complex flows that deliver the majority of the host-page functionality.

UI Design Principles

  • Accessibility
  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Colors
  • Interaction
  • Language
  • Multichannel
  • Spacing
  • Typography

Pega vs leading UI frameworks