Pega Mobility

What is Pega Mobility?

Pega Mobility enables mobile users to always stay connected to their business applications. With the Pega Mobility Platform, enterprises can mobilize business processes so users can collaborate, participate, take action, and stay informed from any device—even when they’re offline.

The go-anywhere, build-anything mobile engagement platform

Enterprise applications developed in Pega are automatically ready to run across a variety of devices with zero additional work required. Even advanced native mobile device features are enabled directly from the Designer Studio.

We can develop mobile apps for Pega Platform in a variety of ways depending on your needs, objectives and experience. The approach we take depends on the mobile app category we want to use based on the project needs.

  1. Model-driven web app in a mobile web browser – a generated Pega  web app that is started on a mobile browser
  2. Model-driven web app in a native wrapper – a generated Pega  web app that is dedicated to run within the Pega Mobile Client
  3. Native app with HTML web views – a custom third-party application that contains at least one screen in which a Pega app (or its part) is embedded in a web view
  4. Platform specific native app – a custom third-party application that accesses Pega  data on its backend