Pega Platform

What is Pega?

Pega is software that writes software.

Pega Deployment Options

Pega works the same regardless of the environment in which it is running. Pega runs the same on Pega Cloud as it does on a customer cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud, as it does on-premise.

Pega – The Digital Transformation Suite

The Digital Transformation Suite DV-CG strongly recommends
Trusted by global companies for rapid and scalable enterprise-wide, transformational deployments.

A Productivity Comparison of Pega Platform (v7) versus Java Enterprise Edition (JEE)

  • Reduction in the time to market for new or enhanced products and services
  • Acceleration in the readiness of multi-channel customer engagement 
  • Improvement in the ability and time to respond to customer-driven demands, new market opportunities, or competitor actions in the market 
  • Flexibility to innovate by way of more, faster, and less costly experimentation 
  • Heightened process accuracy and reliability and lower defect occurrence gained from extensive re-usability
  • Greater resource optimization of key personnel derived from business process and application development and deployment productivity improvements and cycle time reductions

Build. Automate. Engage.

A recognized leader in artificial intelligence, digital process automation, and customer engagement, Pega powers enterprise digital transformation with a unified, no-code platform.


Building an app, whether it’s simple or complex, shouldn’t be a struggle. Pega’s model-driven, unified approach delivers an enterprise-grade, agile application with a no-code authoring experience.


You need automation as dynamic as your enterprise. Cherry picking less powerful capabilities won’t cut it. Pega’s end-to-end digital process automation can revolutionize your operations with everything from bots that automate tasks and fetch data to case management and BPM.


Channels and devices evolve rapidly. Your customers don’t have time to stop and hear why you can’t keep up. Replace tired excuses with Pega’s AI-powered engagement platform and we’ll help your customers and employees do more anywhere, any time.