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Telecom Customer Care Center

$18 M

in savings

Business Process Outsourcing Provider


improvement in average handle time

Healthcare and Medical Device Company


agent productivity improvement

Definition: Robotic Process Automation refers to automation where a computer (robot) drives existing company software in the same way that a user does. It simply mimics a person’s action in completing rule-based tasks


  • Small-to-medium-sized automation initiatives
  • Very structured processes with fully defined business rules
  • Processes that requires no knowledge worker expertise
  • Focus is tactical solutions (non strategic)
  • Aimed at clerical staff replacement


Definition: Is a set of methods, tools and technologies that span from solutions to simplify user experience and workflow, to business process automation and integration of high volume activities, as well as agile process and technical development and multi-channel systems.


  • Large integration / automation programs
  • All the spectrum of processes from structured to unstructured and Ad Hoc (From straight through processes to highly interactive ones)
  • Focus in strategic transformation
  • Aimed at process efficiency and client experience